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Fantastic Customer Service

TW, Australia

Hi Phil, I am pleased to say that the Grand Britannia tour went very well with a lovely group of people. Susi was of wonderful assistance in organizing some of our accommodation, particularly hotels in difficult places. Thank you.

RW, Philippines

Hi Kerry, thank you for our wonderful itinerary.

Meet Our Team

Friendly, dedicated, responsive, helpful, flexible, multilingual and always seeking the best for your clients – our whole team is proud to offer you top customer service and a personalised approach.

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Our Services

We are an Inbound Tour Operator. We TAILOR-MAKE to our customers’ requirements programmes to over 30 COUNTRIES in EUROPE. We provide all services for EVERY KIND of group.

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Our History

Established in England in 1990, and still owned by founder and MD Phil Caldwell, Go West has a long history of excellent cooperation with our European suppliers and our customers across the world.

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Our Strengths

Our many strengths include creative, innovative tailor made personalised itineraries, an amazing multilingual team with enormous experience that is quick to respond and much more……..

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A to Z Personal Service

A to Z Personal Service

Your booking is handled by one team member (or in some cases two team members working closely together) from initial quote all the way through programme confirmation and operation to completion – ensuring excellent, reliable communication from start to finish.

Tailor Made Itineraries

Everything we do is tailor made, so we can offer a huge product selection, cater for a wide range of special interests and arrange carefully planned programmes that are perfectly suited to your clients’ requirements.

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A message from the Chief Executive,
Phil Caldwell and the Go West team:


Dear Partners,

“Finally – after so many false starts – it seems like we are getting through the pandemic, and in the past few weeks it has been wonderful to see some FITs and small groups materialise, and very healthy enquiry levels for 2022. We are elated to think we might at last be seeing the end of this awful time for us all.

Firstly and most importantly – thank you all for all your amazing support, messages and best wishes over the past 18 months. It has lifted our hearts and our spirits to know we have true partners and friends, and I hope we have done what we can to support you too. And that will continue.

Secondly : I want to let my team speak. Each and every one of them has had to put up with a lot, and all of us now know the REAL value of team work and team spirit. So I don’t just want to thank them, but have asked for a few comments on how they see the past period and, critically, the future. And here are some of their comments…” Phil Caldwell, CEO 

“I like to think we have used this challenging time productively. Our database and systems have been given a ‘spring clean’, and we really feel WE ARE READY to re-start operations cleaner, leaner, fitter. In my 23 years at Go West, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so excited, and firmly believe the future is bright.” Susi, Office Manager

“It has been so good to have some clients to actually look after during these past weeks ! A small incentive to Amsterdam, some FITs to Scotland and London with ‘driver-guide’ service, small groups into different countries in Europe, and we see for example in the UK that now that the government will be dropping the need for PCR tests for double-jabbed visitors during October we are getting a lot more enquiries for later in the year. Brilliant!” Ági, Operations Executive 

“I think we have really taken advantage of the time to further strengthen our supplier contacts and contracts across Europe, and I can see we have some great deals for Groups and FITs into 2022. We have worked with many of our supplier partners for many, many years, and now we are really seeing the importance of these vital partnerships.” Katina, Product Executive

“Go West is all about personal service : that is what I have realised since I joined the team, and as we all find our way out of the pandemic we will be all be going that extra mile to be as flexible and helpful as ever. We realise some people will be nervous about travelling, and we aim to make their experience as happy and memorable as ever.” Barbi, Operations Co-Ordinator

“I have had the task – and privilege – to lead Go West’s migration to a fresh, more efficient, cloud-based, in-house system, which we undertook during the summer. Possibly my biggest assignment in my 21 years with the company. We calculate that operations functions will now happen at least 50% quicker than before – and we were already scoring highly on speed before the pandemic. This is so exciting – for the team, but chiefly for our partners, who’ll benefit from an even quicker, more efficient Go West. We can’t wait to put it to full use!” Judit, Product Manager

“It’s all just been so frustrating, but we really have pulled together and everyone has been so supportive. Just can’t wait to get up to full steam again!” Lorrette, Accounts Assistant

Best Wishes,

Your Go West Team