Volkswagen Factory Visit – Bratislava


Experience the world of automobile production as it happens with one of the most famous names in the industry. Enjoy a guided tour of the state of the art VW plant in Bratislava and see for yourself the amazing process that transforms thousands of parts into shiny new cars.

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Enjoy any one of the packages below or a combination…..

“Production Compact” tour

You will be welcomed by your expert guide from VW in the Visitor Centre where you’ll see all the models manufactured in Bratislava and get an overview of what processes take place in the factory.  Then tour all three of the enormous halls where the various processes take place.   See how the ultra modern machinery and technology ensures  the precision required as the car bodies are produced, the engines assembled and the Small Family Series of cars are brought together from the thousands of different parts before your own eyes in the Body Shop.  More detailed tours of the particular halls can be arranged on request.


Offroad Driving Experience

Discover how the amazing VW Touareg climbs slopes up to 45 degrees and overcomes 26 obstacles around the offroad “parcours” a test circuit specially designed to show off the car’s astonishing capabilities.  Sit back in the passenger seat chauffeur driven and see how the expert does it, or have a go and drive it yourself – the choice is yours!!

Elektro Mobility & Hybrids – the future is green

Meet the future up close as you discover how VW is manufacturing the cars of tomorrow right  now.  Go behind the scenes and witness the state of the art technology involved to achieve ever  “greener” vehicles.

Fantastic Customer Service

Hi Jessica, just would like to say thank you and we are all back to Myanmar now safely. My customers are very satisfied with the trip, the hotel, food & services provided.

SD, Myanmar

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