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Florence Perfume

Discover the secrets of producing exclusive designer perfumes then put your knowledge into practice and create your very own exclusive fragrance at one of Italy’s finest Parfumiers.

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The “Perfume Tasting” tour is an amazing opportunity to explore perfumes and rare essences & understand the techniques necessary to refine your olfactory perception and enhance your appreciation of traditional Florentine perfumery.  The tour takes you behind the scenes to the perfume laboratory with a demonstration of the constituents and production phases of artisanal perfumes,  the history of the Palazzo itself and of traditional Florentine perfumery.


Why not complete the experience with a private workshop together with a master parfumier. Learn about the history of traditional Florentine perfumery, from the alchemists to the traditional pharmacists and how to apply traditional techniques.  Discover some of the source materials from all corners of the globe, their origins, and their specific techniques of production.  Your olfactory specialist will then guide you through each step of creating your own fragrance from selecting the essences to the analysis of the olfactory pyramid, the dilution of the concentrate in alcohol and the final process of bottling.  You will receive a 100 ml bottle of your very own  fragrance along with its unique formula, notes on the lesson details, and perfumery references for further exploration.

Fantastic Customer Service

It was a short but wonderful trip. In Budapest, we found both the tour guide and transfer services to be excellent and I also commend Susi for her hotel recommendation – it was perfect in terms of our requirement I communicated to her. We will definitely avail again of your company’s services.

WC, Philippines

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