Mask Making in Venice


Venice Mask making

The art of mask making dates back many centuries in Venice.  Enjoy a once in a lifetime visit to one of the cities prestigious Mask Laboratories and learn about the art and craft involved, then choose and decorate our own personal and authentic Venetian mask.

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Come with us to one of the prestigious mask laboratories that have existed in Venice for centuries and still fulfill their original role today.   Learn about how these historic fashion accessories are created and the ancient techniques used to make them. See models of the different stages in the creation of a mask, from the clay sculpture right up to the finished piece, and hear about the different materials used in the process. See how the different types of mask are worn as your expert explains their different meanings and describes the two main types of mask, the “Bautta” and the “Moretta”.

Now you have the history and are ready to create your very own authentic Venetian mask.   Choose your traditional hand-made  mask and preferred decoration technique from the ones demonstrated,  then invoke your creative skills and away you go! Acrylic tempera paints are used, metallic colours such as gold, silver and copper can be added for a bit of sparkle and various types of wax can also be used to create a finishing touch. Finally, select the coloured ribbons to add that finishing touch to you mask rounding off a truly special experience.

Fantastic Customer Service

Dear Phil and all, we feel glad to know that u guys are taking care of this group. As of today, we have several groups in Europe and 3 are problematic; Spain, Russia and this one. So it is good to have a good coordination from the ground operator.


S, Malaysia

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