Visit a land of glaciers and snow, fascinating Viking and Inuit history, dramatic nature and wonderful wildlife, towering icebergs and unrivalled viewing of the Northern Lights.  This is a destination unlike any other on earth! Our itineraries can be tailored to suit your requirements; from exciting 1 night “taster” visits to extended stays exploring much more of this remarkable “island”


You can fly direct from Copenhagen (Denmark) or Reykjavik (Iceland) to Greenland by scheduled service.  There are almost no conventional roads in Greenland so travel around the destination is usually by a combination of multi terrain vehicles, boat and even ‘plane  depending on your choice of activities and excursions.  For your stay in Greenland here we can arrange a choice of comfortable 3 or 4 star accommodation, offering all the facilities you would expect from modern tourist class hotels.


Choose from the many amazing excursions and fascinating activities that are virtually unique to this part of the world – below is just a selection of the treasures on offer: 

Explore Ilulissat
One of the few significant settlements in the country - Ilulissat. Take a guided walking tour around  the old part of town and see buildings from the very start of the Danish trading station, the busy fishing harbour, the old church and the museum.

Midnight Sun Cruise to the Ice Fjord  (Summer only)
The midnight sun with its warm red colours reflecting in the gigantic icebergs of the Ice Fjord is a truly awe inspiring sight. Get up close and personal with the arctic as you cruise between those icebergs and enjoy a late drink on "the real rocks" !

Northern Lights Experience (Autumn / Winter only)
Experience the arctic sunset and enjoy breathtaking views snowshoeing or driving by multi terrain vehicle or snow scooter into the wilderness to watch the Northern Lights. See the entrancing colours dancing across the enormous open skies of Greenland with almost no light pollution from the ground to spoil the show. Undoubtedly one of the best places on earth to witness these heavenly images as you learn of the Inuit legends about the Aurorae.

Dog Sledding Adventure  (Winter only) 
Leave the modern world behind and go on a dog sledding adventure to enter an enchanting Arctic Wonderland of low passes and ice covered fjords where icebergs rise like sculptures and travel back in time into the world of the old polar explorers. 

Visit a Greenlander’s Home
Come and join a local family for a cup of coffee. The Greenlanders are famous for welcoming visitors into their homes, inviting everyone over for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. The latest gossip is shared and it will also be possible to see the national costume and learn about life so very isolated from the rest of the world.

Eqi Calving Glacier and Ataa Inuit settlement (not Winter)
Cruise across the stunningly beautiful snout of the 5-km wide Eqi Glacier in glorious anticipation of the unique sight of an iceberg “delivery” as giant slabs of ice creak, crack and crash off the snout and thunder into the seething waters of the ocean below (not guaranteed – nature is not that predictable!).  Afterwards continue to the former trading station and Inuit settlement of Ataa to enjoy a delicious 2 course lunch including a glass of wine.

Half day Fishing (not Winter)
Sail out into the bay to search out the fishing spot of the day with your local expert guide. While waiting for the catch take time to enjoy the unrivalled peace and beauty of your arctic  surroundings.  The end of the trip should see a haul of many different fish varieties such as cod, halibut, redfish and catfish

The Hunters’ Settlement at Rodebay 
Guided tour to the small village of Oqaitsut/Rodebay where the local population is totally dependent on fishing and hunting. Enjoy the very real sense of wilderness and the rhythms of nature as you learn about the traditional way of life that continues to this day -- a world so different from the one most of us inhabit!

Whale Safari to Disko Bay  (Summer only)
Cruise by boat into Disko Bay to spot whales. Humpback whales come to the bay to feed on capelin, a small herring-like fish. As the humpback whales are a protected species they are very trusting and can often be enjoyed at close range. Other species that may be seen include arctic, fin and sei whales and even the majestic blue whale if you are really fortunate. Please be aware that you are not visiting a zoo and therefore we cannot guarantee that the whales will 'visit' your boat!

Scenic Flights 
A range of stunning sightseeing flights and photo safaris by light aircraft will whisk you at low altitude for breathtaking views of huge icebergs and sky-blue lakes on the top of them as well as the amazing glaciers and mountains of the interior.

Kayaking Masterclass (not Winter)
A unique opportunity to try your hand at kayaking with a local instructor. Kayaking has been a vital way of hunting in the Arctic for centuries and this tour will give you the opportunity to navigate amongst the icebergs like an Inuit hunter! No previous experience is needed as your local instructor will be with you at all times and all equipment and clothing is included.