Colosseum, Rome


Italy is a country with much to offer, it truly sets itself apart from the rest of the world. With the natural beauty from The Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, it is also home to more than half of the world’s historical treasures. And don’t even get us started on the gastronomical delights that lie in wait!

At Go West, we firmly believe that when you create an opportunity for your group to interact, participate and fully immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of their host country, your guests will have the most enjoyable and engaging time.

Combine just some of our unique and inspiring ideas that follow in to your next Incentive or Meeting programme and you have the basis for a very memorable event… 



Travel back in time to Ancient Rome for an evening of fabulous entertainment Gladiator-style! Enjoy a sumptuous meal and a fascinating Gladiator show in a striking environment deep within the heart of this amazing city. Feast upon a typical Roman meal created from traditional ancient recipes, transcribed and preserved by Roman authors, served with honeyed wine. Witness an authentic Gladiator battle and enjoy talented dancers displaying typical dances performed in Ancient Roman times. Vibrant music, lights and special effects all add to the atmosphere, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this wonderful cultural experience.



Should your group wish to travel to Italy, and indeed Rome during the summer months, we would be delighted to suggest a very different kind of day trip and organise a visit to a stunning town approx. 2 hours drive from Rome. Visit a town where its people are extremely proud of their ancient traditions, historic towns, great food and wine.  Each summer a breath taking medieval festival takes place known as ‘The Quintana’ where thousands of local residents dress in striking period costumes and proudly parade through the town streets, some on horseback, but most marching on foot, accompanied by musicians, drummers, archers & flag tossers. Witness heavily armoured Knights battle it out on horseback with jousting contests, each fighting fiercely for their district, and revel in this marvellous atmosphere of celebrations and local pride.  



We can arrange for your group to meet the Countess of a Venetian Palace – an experience not to be forgotten! The Countess is renowned for her excellent culinary skills and humour and has published several books and articles.  Take a private cookery class with the Countess and recreate some of her most famous recipes under her expert guidance whilst also learning first-hand how lifestyles and social context have determined the evolution and popularity of traditional recipes.

After your wonderful afternoon, enjoy a high society traditional Venetian meal – with the very best window seats in the house looking out on to St Mark’s Square. 



 We invite you to join us in falling in love with Italian food! At a very special venue, near Siena, we can arrange for your group to take part in a wonderful afternoon combining a cookery class and an Italian culture session. Learn about the closely guarded secrets of Italy’s renowned cuisine and its people from times gone by. You will take part in a lively discussion and learn all about Italian food and nutrition during the Middle Ages; the mannerisms and habits of the people of this time and more interesting information about the customs of this era. Activities will follow, such as: 


Learn the talented and intricate art of pasta-making under the guidance of a professional.  Make your very own pici, tagliatelle, pappardelle, gnocchi and ravioli during this 90 minute lesson. Have fun  mixing ingredients,  kneading the dough, working with it to make shapes and enhance its flavour. A very entertaining way to spend some time in the afternoon we can assure you!


With authentic recipes from the Middle Ages, each group is split into teams who then work together to prepare and create their dish. As soon as the hard work is complete, guests sit down at the table with their host and enjoy their very own banquet with the dishes they prepared themselves.  Dinner is served with quality Tuscan wine, carefully selected by your host to accentuate the flavours of the food.  



Visit a traditional cheese & dairy farm in Modena for a day and in the company of a professional gourmet guide learn all about the fine art of cheese-making. Your guide will explain how the famous parmesan cheese is made, and you can watch as the milk is coagulated and the cheese curds are lifted and inserted in to moulds. Witness the brine stage and the ageing process this delightful cheese goes through in order to make it to the table and onto your pasta! A selection of different ageing cheeses will be available for you to sample along the tour. 

Whilst you are in the stunning Modena vicinity, we can also arrange for your group to visit a small local producer of Modena Balsamic Vinegar - learning all about this tasty 'black gold' and sampling some of the aged produce for yourself at the end of your visit, learning how to match different vinegars with different foods.  



Visit the newly opened Ferrari museum in Modena - an absolute must for all car lovers out there. The museum itself is designed and built to resemble a Ferrari car bonnet. Inside, you will discover a collection of vintage Ferraris and other cars designed by Enzo in collaboration with other car manufacturers.  In the Enzo Ferrari House interactive section of the museum you can learn about the personal life of this world-famous designer and explore his creations.



For the driving experience of a lifetime, we can arrange for your clients to drive a real Italian supercar such as the Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 488 GTB or Lamborghini Gallardo on the legendary Enzo & Dino Ferrari racetrack, more commonly known as the Imola Circuit. One of the few tracks with an anti-clockwise driving direction, Imola is famous in the world of speed for both F1 and motorcycle racing. It has hosted champions such as Michael Schumacher as well as Superbike World Championship races. Driving a sleek Ferrari or Lamborghini is an amazingly powerful and exhilarating experience, one never to be forgotten by motoring enthusiasts.



Monza is simply legendary for racing, with its high speed banking from the early 1920’s still visible. Still the most famous power circuit in the world, and part of the Formula 1 World Championship since it began in 1950, Monza features on almost every motorsport world championship calendar. As part of a track day experience we can organise on your behalf, your client will experience every iconic corner: Primo Variante, Curva Grande, Roggia, Lesmo, Variante,  Ascari and Parabolica making Monza both thrilling and daunting at the same time. A circuit for the brave and a real favourite amongst drivers, this is one experience that is not to be missed.