Northern Sweden offers a vast array of outdoor activities and excursions, guaranteed to bring excitement, exhilaration and increased blood flow to any soul searching for the joy that winter wonders bring! 

Go West is delighted to tailor-make a programme for any group wishing to explore and discover more of what the Nordics have to offer, bringing this amazing part of Northern Europe to life to you and your clients! Explore this amazing winter wonderland which is approx. 2 hours via internal flight from Stockholm, where on site accommodation is available; such as huts, alternatively we can arrange accommodation in a selection of hotels nearby. 

Here is a selection of just some of the activities we can arrange for you and your group. 


After a mandatory lesson in snowmobile safety, you will put on appropriate clothing such as a cap, gloves, shoes, pants, jackets and a helmet. We will then board the snowmobiles and embark on our quest to find the king of the forest, the magnificent Moose, known in Sweden as an Elk. Half way we prepare a fire and enjoy a coffee break in one of our shelters that are strategically placed around the forests.   



During the winter the lakes and rivers of Northern Sweden freeze which provides good conditions for ice racing. Screw studs are applied to the tires of some quad bikes and Polaris RZR 800 machines. We then plough a racing track on a nearby river. A hearty warming lunch or dinner will be provided, followed with one or more hours of driving on the ice racing track. 

Quad bikes are also used for transport around this winter wonderland. On the technical terrain track in the forest, you will get the opportunity to test the accessibility these incredible machines provide.



We can arrange special tours that offer a varied terrain of both hard packed fast trails and more technical driving in deep powder snow - everything from short trips of about 1 hour to more advanced driving over several days. The longest snowmobile tour is five days and covers a distance of 800 kilometers all the way from the coast, through the inland forests and up to the mountains then back again. 



Swedish Lapland and its surroundings are fantastic for witnessing the stunning Northern Lights. 

(visibility not always guaranteed - dependent on weather and sun activity) 



With a number of established bike paths in and around the locality, you can explore this area and discover forest roads and trails, fields, woods, streams, rivers and mountains… all in one afternoon!. They are short, long, difficult and easy; there is a path for each person and a lot to experience for all. Bicycles are also a healthy, nature-friendly and quiet alternative to traveling and exploring this area in your own time. You may also enjoy a short day trip on your bicycle to any of the many lakes and streams in the vicinity that are good for fishing. All bikes are equipped with 20 + gears, disc brakes, shock-damped front forks and 29 inch wheels for better handling off-road.



Experience the amazing sensation of “floating” over the snow along specially prepared trails on a “Fat Bike” bicycle!  These cleverly adapted bikes have 10cm wide tyres which allow them to float across the snowy surface making riding a real pleasure. Enjoy the stunning winter scenery at your own pace amongst the snowclad forests and frozen streams.



Gliding through the snow covered glistening forests almost silently behind a group of powerful sled dogs is an amazing feeling, like nothing else. The experience of close contact with nature and the delicate interplay between the mushers and the dogs is really special. We work with very talented dog sledding entrepreneurs in the area and can offer dogsled trips of varying distance and time, from short test rides lasting a couple of minutes to adventures that go on for several days and hundreds of kilometers  with accommodation in tents, cabins and hotels along the way.