Tailor-making programmes to our customers’ requirements is our speciality. We supply our partners with many typical inbound services throughout UK, Ireland and mainland Europe – and many less typical! This website is a good introduction to both.

The typical include:

  • Accommodation in every category of hotel and hostel – with excellent group rates
  • On-line FIT booking system
  • Transportation, from simple transfers to more complex ’round trips’
  • Itinerary planning
  • Programmes for students, tourists, corporate visitors, incentive groups
  • Tickets for shows and attractions – often at discounted rates

 The less typical include:

  • Budget accommodation in Mobile and Holiday Homes
  • Discounted group rates for Eurotunnel and ferries
  • Themed programmes, e.g. Harry Potter, Scottish Castles and Gardens, Jane Austen
  • Specific professional programmes, e.g. farming, whisky-tasting, water and power plants
  • ‘Know-how’ trips visiting city and town councils to look at their work, e.g. road construction projects, waste disposal and environmental projects, house building schemes
  • Sports programmes, in particular Premiership Football and Golf